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Red Spade Audio is a Melbourne consulting and design firm that specialises in small room acoustics and speaker design.


Onsite consulting

If you're in Melbourne we can offer our onsite consulting services, including:

  • room analysis
  • Acoustic treatment advice
  • bass integration
  • audio calibration


Remote consulting

We offer a remote verison of our consulting services internationally.


Custom design

We're always working on a number of custom designs and we'd love to help you realise that custom project you've always wanted.


We're here to help

Our business is all about helping people get the kind of satisfaction and experience they could not find elsewhere.



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Rapid response


We normally reply the same day. If you don't hear back within 48 hours, this ususally means:

  • our reply was caught in a spam filter or
  • you provided an incorrect email address (with no phone number provided as backup)


We recommend you also leave a contact phone number as backup, even if you prefer an email reply.