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Our range of acoustic consulting and design services


    Advice on improving your room acoustics based on acoustic measurements taken in your room.


    We can help you solve your bass problems and get the bass "just right" in your system.


    Is your acoustic treatment doing the job? We provide an acoustic assessment so that you can be sure. We can help you get a professional result on a modest budget.


    Realise your dream loudspeaker. We can create a unique speaker that suits you perfectly.


    We can design a passive crossover for your project or even modify or upgrade an existing crossover.

The Best Solution For Your Room

  • High end audio

  • Whether you listen to music in a living room or a dedicated space, we can help you create an engaging and satisfying listening experience.


    • Acoustic room analysis
    • Bass optimisation
    • Acoustic treatment

  • Home theatre

  • It’s all about creating an immersive experience that goes beyond gold class.


    • Acoustic analysis
    • Bass optimisation
    • Audio calibration
    • Room design
    • Custom subwoofer integration

  • Studio rooms

  • Whether you’re converting a bedroom or building a dedicated studio from scratch, we can help you get the most out of your project.


    • Acoustic treatment assessment
    • Acoustic treatment design
    • Bass optimisation
    • Custom acoustic treatment
    • Audio calibration

  • Pro audio

  • Where audio matters to your venue, we can provide a custom solution that is designed to match your needs.


    • Acoustic analyais
    • Bass optimisation
    • Audio calibration
    • Custom loudspeakers